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In 2012 we started in our garage with a little under five thousand dollars turning that investment ten years down the road into what you see today. Bagger Boyz; is the premier one-stop customization shop for your Harley and slingshot audio and visual needs. You can play your music and ride further, it’s proven that people who have music on their bikes want to ride further than just hearing engine noise.

"Our passion is building your dream Motorcycle or Slingshot"

A little bit about the owner: Anderson Morgan has fallen in love and grown up on bikes ever since he was 7 years old, but he also has an ear for audio. From playing the piano when he was eight to now making beats at home, he truly loves music. “Music is the one thing with no discrimination. Everyone comes together on music, so it’s the one area I feel free to be able to give people a product to allow them to enjoy what they invested in even more.” With ten years under his belt, Anderson sees Bagger Boyz becoming a household name brand.


The "BOYZ" behind the baggers

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