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Motorcycle Audio Packages
We have developed a few packages to get you started on upgrading your audio. However all of our packages  have the opportunity to add on more, making them upgradable for the  future.

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2-Speaker Setup Ground Pounder

Our Powerful 2 speaker ground pounder includes two pro-audio 6.5 speakers with tweeters powered by 400 watt amplifier, providing you with lots of clean power as you ride across state lines.

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4-Speaker Setup Ground Pounder Plus

Building upon the two speaker ground pounder we add more power and more sound to the rear of the motorcycle with options: lid speakers, 8's inside the bag or 10's inside the bag, along with a DSP for tuning. Budget Options are 800 or 1200 or 2400 watt amplifiers

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6-Speaker Setup Parking Lot Pimp'n

Building upon the four speaker package: you may choose to add lower fairing speakers for more sound in front of you while riding or you may want more bottom end "bass in the bag". Including a DSP in this option is manditory to optimize tuning this set up. Budget options: one 2400 watt amplifier or two separate amps if you are just wanting to add on to one of our other packages

Custom Audio

Where our expertise meets your expectations. Let us design a unique system to exceed your audio expectations. If your looking for competition or just want the best of the best quality for your budget allow us to lead you and build a unique audio system just for your liking. Here we can recommend customized saddle bag options designed and modified in house specific to the speakers we will help you choose combined with choosing and setting up your front stage audio, proper power source and our special Bagger Boyz tuning utilizing one of our professional DSP's. You dream it....we build it!

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